Spill Kits

Occasionally, spills happen onsite, and quick cleanup is needed to avoid a bigger mess. Keep the necessary items readily available for rapid spill remediation, avoiding unnecessary delays on the work floor while ensuring that the liquid doesn't escape out into the environment.

Certain liquids require specific sorbent products to soak up spills, or the cleanup is not going to be successful. Spill kits and safety cans are put together with specific designations for the liquid to be absorbed. Products are available in choice of oil only for oil and petroleum based liquids, Allwik for oil, chemical and water based liquids, and Hazwik for hazardous material and aggressive liquids.

Spill kits and safety cans are made with bright yellow materials for high visibility. Each kit comes equipped with sorbent products designed to do a specific job. A small spill kit readily handles minor accidents with sorbent booms and pads to contain and absorb the spill, assisting with the overall cleanup. It also contains safety gloves for use by those working on the spill.

Safety can spill kits come in different sizes for containment, and hold absorbent materials. Safety cans come as small as 20 gallons and go up in size to a 95 gallon drum. This type of spill kit provides an appropriate container to hold and dispose of all used materials and fluids. All of the items found in the small safety kit are also in the safety cans.

Various sorbent products are available for separate purchase apart from spill kits. Pads come in perforated roll or sheet form, and in sizes that cover large or small areas. Booms and pillows contain the margins of a spill while absorbing at the same time.

Spill kits are designed to effectively contain and absorb every type of liquid accident safely.

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