Safety products: About US

Safetyequipmentdirect is all about keeping your employees safe and free of risks at all times while working inside the workshop. Our business mission is go the extra mile to do anything and everything that needs to be done to keep our customers happy. While buying safety products there are a couple of things that we need to keep in mind and most important among them are product quality and product pricing.

At Safetyequipmentdirect we continuously strive to make the best products available to our customers. The safety standards followed here are state-of-the-art and all our products are approved by ISEA and that simply means that our products are the best available in the market! Our products available at Safetyequipmentdirect are manufactured according to ANSI safety standards and this simply means that our industrial safety products can be trusted to keep your workplace safe.

The second most important thing that you need to keep in mind while purchasing safety gear is the price of the safety products. The good part about Safetyequipmentdirect is that we do not sell our products after buying them from wholesalers and that enables us to offer our customers the price difference between the manufacturer and wholesaler. All our safety equipment and products are bought directly from the respective manufacturers and hence all of them are very competently priced.

There are very few safety product websites on the Internet that allow you a secure ordering platform. We offer you that. Our ordering system is hundred percent safe and secure and you don't need to worry about recurring credit card bills after ordering something from our website. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

It is our mission to keep your workplace safe and protected. Hence, we offer a 90 day product replacement warranty if you're not satisfied with the product's quality and can show us that there's a better product in the market. All our products are pre-checked before sending over to our customers to eliminate chances of delivery of faulty products, but on the rare occasion that you find a safety product faulty (manufacturing defects), you can send it back to us and get a replacement with no questions asked.

All safety equipment, safety clothing and safety products are manufactured keeping in mind the diverse needs of different industries. We don't always expect our customers to know the ways and means to secure their workplace 100%; hence, we have put up safety videos on our website to help you understand the use and utility of different safety products.

Safetyequipmentdirect has been in the safety product business for the last couple of decades and already has a list of satisfied customers in its kitty. This wouldn't have been possible without a state-of-the-art customer support system. We have 24 hour customer support system willing to help you out with any queries that you might have about our safety products. We have a team of safety product experts on our panel also help you understand your safety needs better.