Safety Vests & Protection Clothing

Workers who need protective clothing will appreciate what Safetyequipmentdirect has to offer. Its large inventory of safety items offered at very competitive prices have a singular goal: protect the user from possible harm. They do so in a manner that maintains maximum comfort and durability.

Jackson Safety makes a one-size fits-all safety vest that is easily put on, or off, and has silver reflective stripes to make sure the wearer is seen in virtually any light. That's just one of the several safety vests Jackson produces. Customers can also choose from different sized vests that come with or without pockets. All vests have reflective stripes.

Customers looking for a reflective jacket that wears comfortably, while providing solid protection, should examine those made by OccuNomix. The variety of protective jackets designed and made by OccuNomix assures customers can quickly find the exact style that best works for them. The company's line of reflective jackets begins with an extra large yellow and black polyurethane coated weather resistant model. It has a detachable hood and comes with nine pockets. Among its other models, OccuNomix also makes a medium sized reflective bomber jacket that is weather resistant and ideally fits the need for fast changes indoors or out.

Bata/Onguard makes specialized aprons designed to protect wearers from chemical spills. Many aprons have attached hoods and inner cuffs that provide extra protection. Others come with detachable hoods, making them easily adaptable to whatever situation might develop.

Another company, Ansell, also produces chemical protection aprons. The company offers a protective vinyl sleeve that has elastic at both ends. Ansell has developed a medium weight heavy duty chemical protective apron that offers a user excellent safety.

Examine Safetyequipmentdirect's collection of safety vests and protective clothing today.