Bandages & First Aid

There are a number of safety measures that any job site should take in order to keep all workers safe and protected. While job sites can require that all employees wear or have on them certain protective gear, one piece of safety equipment the job site should have is a first aid kit. Even those companies that do not work with heavy machinery or equipment must still have a first aid kit on hand in case of any emergencies. These kits should be composed of several vital pieces in order to truly help those in need.

Even if all of the parts of a first aid kit are bought or procured separately, they should all be part of the same kit. A compression bandage or wrap should be included in every kit. There are several kinds of bandages that can be obtained and one of the most popular is the self-adherent wrap. With this type of compression bandage, there is no need to obtain adhesive clips to hold the bandage together. The bandage sticks to itself and holds tight. A regular elastic bandage can also be obtained as well as holding pins. Whichever bandage is selected, making sure it is latex-free and sterile is important.

In addition to band aids, every kit should also include sterile gauze for more minor cuts or injuries. Gauze can also be used as a bandage depending on the type of injury. A gauze sponge can cleanse and dress burns, scrapes, and minor cuts. This is important for any job site, especially those in which employees work on machinery that can cause injury to a person.

Having a full first aid kit on the premises and in several locations can ensure that workers are protected in case any injuries or damages occur.